Venue Specs


Gild Hall is a 160 year old barn that was turned into a concert venue and theater 100 years ago by the founders of the Utopian community of Arden. We can seat 250 people in the hall or we can do a 300 person standing event. The stage is 3 foot raised from a hardwood dance floor and the walls are all wood with a high acoustic ceiling. The stage is 23 by 23 with 15 feet usable height. We provide full lighting with smoke and color effects as well as high performance sound system and a sound engineer.

D&B Audiotechnik V8
D&B Audiotechnik D12
D&B Audiotechnik V Sub and M4 stage monitors
D&B Audiotechnik D6 amplifier
Allen and Heath SQ5 Mixer
Allen & Heath GLD-AR2412
Shure SM58 wired vocal microphones
Shure SM57 wired microphones
Sennheiser e604 clip on drum microphones
Shure Beta 52 bass drum microphone
On Stage Stands MS9701TB+
On Stage Stands MS7411TB
MANY 25′ XLR Cables
6′ XLR cables
12 Channel subsnake
50′ NL4 cable
Radial ProDI direct boxes
Shure SCM262 rack mount mixer