COVID-19 Policy – Arden Concert Gild

COVID-19 Policy

Updated January 1, 2022

Here at Arden Gild Hall, we truly love our audiences, volunteers and artists. And because of that, we have been considering how we can best keep everyone safe in the ongoing pandemic. Arden Concert Gild has been carefully watching the news and talking with our artists and other area venues about the best practices for the fall season. After the most recent spike in cases, many venues have begun verifying the vaccination status of bands, staff, and ticket holders to best protect everyone and limit the spread. We have decided in Arden to follow suit.

For the safety of our fans, artists and staff, all attendees for the indoor Fall season must be vaccinated with all required doses at least 2 weeks prior to attending a show. Vaccine booster shots are highly recommended after 6 months.

If you are vaccinated, we ask that you please bring your vaccination card, a copy of your vaccination card, or have a legible photo of your vaccination card on your phone, along with a valid ID. We highly recommend boosters as they are needed after 6 months, especially now.

If you cannot furnish proof of vaccination, we will refund your tickets in full within 14 days of this notification (which will be emailed to all ticket buyers), BUT, unfortunately, you will not be permitted inside the venue.

Inside Arden Gild Hall, when not actively eating or drinking, we require all guests to wear a face mask for their own protection, as well as that of our staff, and the artists performing. 

This will no doubt be a constantly-evolving process as we move through our fall calendar. We kindly ask for your patience as we navigate these new waters. As we proceed, we will examine and adjust what has worked / not worked. Our goal is to do our best in keeping things relatively safe for everyone while making sure it’s still a fun night for all. Thanks to Union Transfer for language used here that we stole lock stock and barrel.

We value your feedback, please feel free to reach out to with any questions, ideas, thoughts or concerns and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.