Friday, March 6
A Tribute to John Wesley Harding Feat. Robert Lloyd
Wesley Stace
| John Faye

8:00pm   |   $17 Members  |   $20 General

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Wesley Stace

Once upon a time, there was an iconic folk singer named John Wesley Harding. He is known for catchy tunes like Kill The Messenger, The Devil in Me, Here Comes The Groom and of course his rousing cover of Madonna’s Like A Prayer. Harding toured the world for decades and was known for his snappy wit and cinematic banter. He mysteriously disappeared from the scene in 2010 right around the time best-selling author Wesley Stace decided to add his similar but unique folk twist to the musical landscape. It is difficult to say if Stace was influenced by Harding, but let’s just say they could both have been the bastard sons of Dylan, Bragg and Thompson. We are thrilled to announce that Wesley Stace has agreed to perform music from John Wesley Harding’s songbook at the Arden Gild Hall on March 6, 2020. He will be accompanied by the exceptional Robert Lloyd on keyboard, mandolin, and accordion, who was recently coaxed out of retirement in order to pay tribute the Harding’s work. We have it on rumor that Harding will be in the building for the performance, and that many things are possible when the ghosts of Gild Hall arise from the floorboards.

Since Stace’s critically lauded debut "Self-Titled" in 2013, he has played many of Harding’s songs live, but here he’s happy to let his own songwriting take a backseat to the master’s: “I feel an extraordinary kinship with these songs. It’s as if I wrote them." Harding himself has endorsed this tribute: “I am deeply honored, and glad to be as far away as possible.”

Delaware’s own John Faye will open the show, fresh off his reunion show with The Caulfields.

Evocative singer-songwriter John Faye, lead vocalist for The Caulfields and IKE, will be opening the show. With over 30 years as a performing artist, Faye has released over a dozen albums and is best known for his 90s hit “Devil’s Diary” with The Caulfields, who recently reunited for a show at the Queen in 2019. Faye will pull from all phases of his career in an opening set you will not want to arrive late for.

John Faye