Thursday, October 24
Andy Statman Trio

8:00 PM   |   $17  |   $20

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Andy Statman Trio

Returning to Gild Hall with his trio, Andy Statman is a master of Klezmer clarinet and bluegrass Mandolin. He melds these with a distinctive musical personality akin to jazz and classical music. His styling has made him one of the most requested session and side men in the business with regular appearances with Bela Fleck, Dave Grisman, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia and David Bromberg. Andy is also known for his deeply reflective music in the Hebrew and Kletzmer tradition, appearing at religious events and very well known as an expressive proponent of the Judaic tradition in music. It's unabashedly American music, Andy says, proud of his U.S. roots, and the spirit of individuality, creativity and compassion it embodies. Or it's deeply religious hasidic prayer, intended to embrace his Jewish heritage, he explains in a soft voice. And it's jazz, he'd say, on its lonely search for the spirit of lost worlds. It's all of those things, because, although they may seem worlds apart, "They all come together in me. If you're in touch with your Judaism," Andy says, his voice cracking, "you experience things..." He is misty by now, and it is clear that this is a man who always speaks and plays from the very roots of his soul. “Statman is the real thing - a musician’s musician” The New Yorker “Modern American music with ancient mysteries at the core...” The New York Times “Andy’s music is not bound by denominations, but is a beautiful sound full of heat, heart and a love of God...” Rolling Stone “In Statman’s versatile hands is a music that’s full of surprises, sophisticated and completely accessible at once” New York Daily News “(A) seamless amalgamation of jazz, bluegrass and klezmer...” The Pittsburgh Post Gazette